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St. Francis Xavier University

About St. Francis Xavier University

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Students come to St. Francis Xavier University (StFX) to lay the groundwork for their future. They leave ready to change the world. StFX is known for quality teaching, class sizes, student-faculty interaction, research, community, leadership and our reputation with employers. Students choose from programs in arts, science, business and education that offer exceptional learning opportunities. At StFX, you'll also experience close interaction with faculty, hands-on research, exchange program opportunities, and – integral to the StFX mission – community service.

Faculty members help create an inclusive learning culture with students, and support student success inside and outside the classroom. The first university in Canada to have a formal Service Learning program, StFX is the perfect school for those who value leadership, community development, social justice and global awareness. Students form lifelong bonds in our immersive residence environment, which is at the heart of the StFX experience.

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