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Any personal information you choose to provide to CATNS through our website is collected, used and disclosed in accordance with the Nova Scotia Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIPOP) Act.


Nova Scotia Public High School Transcripts

MyTranscripts will electronically receive (collect) requests from Nova Scotia post-secondary institutions for the high school transcripts of Nova Scotia student applicants for admission, with their informed consent, for the purpose of facilitating a timelier and more efficient processing admission applications by Nova Scotia post-secondary institutions.

These requests will be verified (used) for authenticity and logged for statistical analysis by MyTranscripts and (disclosed) sent electronically to the Nova Scotia Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (EECD). EECD will electronically receive (collect) high school transcripts of those students and (disclose) forward them to the post-secondary institution requesting them.

In addition, MyTranscripts will receive (collect) electronic acknowledgements of the requests for and provision of the high school transcripts and forward (disclose) them to EECD and the post-secondary institution as appropriate.

The requests will only contain limited personal information of students applying to the university or college: student name, Provincial Student Number (PSN), gender, and date of birth. The high school transcripts will only contain that information in addition to courses, grades, and graduation status. The acknowledgements of receipt of transmissions will only contain the student’s name, PSN and date of birth.

MyTranscripts collects high school student personal information described above only from Nova Scotia post-secondary institutions and EECD. It uses the PI only for the purposes described. It discloses the personal information only to EECD or the post-secondary institution as the case may be for the purpose of assisting a timely and more efficient process for the application process of Nova Scotia post-secondary institutions.  

MyTranscripts does not share personal information of students with any third parties except as authorized or required by law. All personal information contained in the transcript requests, the transcripts themselves, and the acknowledgements of the electronic exchange of requests and transcripts are inaccessible by the administrator of MyTranscripts, except as described below. Transcript acknowledgements will be opened, counted and logged by MyTranscripts for statistical reporting purposes, within the system’s security protections outlined below.


The student transcripts/official student data will only be used and disclosed by the receiving institution in accordance with its policies and procedures regarding use of student information and the Nova Scotia Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act or as required or authorized by law.  It will only be disclosed in accordance with these policies and procedures, the Nova Scotia Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, for reporting purposes to the Maritime Provinces Higher Education Commission (MPHEC) and Statistics Canada, or as required or authorized by law. Any such post-secondary institutional policies and procedures are outlined in the post- secondary institution’s calendar or institutional policies.


CATNS and MyTranscripts does not retain a copy of the transcripts/official student data or the electronic messages requesting or acknowledging them. In circumstances where the electronic data exchange is delayed, messages may queue for a limited time on the MyTranscripts server until transfer is complete.

For information on the retention of student records at a university or college, please contact that institution directly, as follows:

Acadia University:

Cape Breton University :

Dalhousie University:

  • Nicole Douglas, Interim Associate Registrar, Director of Academic Regulations and Services
  • 902.494.2045

Mount Saint Vincent University:

Nova Scotia Community College:

NSCAD University:

Saint Mary’s University:

St Francis Xavier University:

Université Sainte-Anne:

University of King’s College:


The MyTranscripts system provides secure channels for the exchanges of requests and transcripts between EECD and the province’s universities and colleges through the use of secure channels. This entire electronic request for, and provision of, high school transcript or official post-secondary student academic record data in electronic form (including transmission acknowledgements) uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to communicate. Access to the system is restricted to specific identified users authenticated through the use of public key infrastructure.


MyTranscripts is managed by the Council on Admission and Transfer for Nova Scotia (CATNS). Since the system does not retain the personal information of students, (except when held temporarily) all requests by students for access to their own personal information collected, used, and disclosed by MyTranscripts must be directed to the Chief Privacy Officer of EECD, or the post-secondary institution sending or receiving the student’s transcript/official data. Questions about MyTranscripts may be directed to:

Chief Privacy Officer
Council on Admission and Transfer for Nova Scotia
120 Western Parkway, Suite 202
Bedford, NS  B4B 0V2

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In Nova Scotia, the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPOP) applies to all provincial government departments and other bodies, including post-secondary institutions. Find out more about privacy:

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